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Directional drilling is the path to the future of the industry. It introduces new tooling, sensors, and procedures. The maturation of this kind of drilling has enabled economic production of plays that were once considered unusable. It has also introduced new vectors of inaccuracy. Given the sensitivity of the sensors and the downhole environment it is necessary to validate the quality of the data. Higher accuracy means closer spacing, more accurate as-drilled wellbores and higher likelihood of success when drilling relief wells. In today’s environment, this ultimately means lowering the cost of drilling.


We deliver fit-for-purpose survey management services designed to integrate into our customer’s existing workflows. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to know the “True-Path” of all your wells. By seamlessly leveraging our technology, procedures and domain expertise, our Drilling Knowledge Lab delivers cost-effective 24/7 services to customers anywhere in the world. This RTOC approach allows us to investigate and define the challenge, delivering best results for a lower cost than other competitors in the market.


SAG, SCC and MSA Survey corrections for:
• Real-Time
• Post-Drilling

Apply SAG correction to correct for:
• Inclination errors due to misalignment of the survey instrument and the borehole caused by the “SAG” of the BHA
• Misalignment due to the bend of a motor

Apply SCC correction to correct for:
• Z Axis magnetic interference
• Reduce the amount of Non-Mag drill collars required

Apply MSA correction to correct for:
• XYZ Sensor bias and scale factor errors
• Can be used on high angle E/W wells where SCC work cannot


• More accurate well placement
• Optimize drainage and well spacing
• Reduce the risk of wellbore collision
• Allows MWD assemblies to be run with minimum non-mag components
• Reducing Cost
• Placing the sensor closer to the bit for better directional control



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